Are under-eye creams really effective or just a marketing gimmick ? Do brands just repackage regular moisturizers as eye creams (Like old wine in a new bottle) to make more money ? We thought we’d settle this debate once and for all with the help of dermatologist Dr.Nirupama Parwanda, Zolie Skin Clinic. This is what she has to say :

Do we need eye creams ?

Your under eye area and your eyelid are the thinnest ! So you definitely need some TLC there with a cocktail of ingredients to soothe them . You could use eye creams to combat fine lines , dark circles and puffyness but  not genetic tissue build ups or lifestyle changes

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Special Ingredients Your Eye Cream Should Have

Retinol, Haloxyl, Hyaluronic acid, Vit C, kojic acid, Vitamin E, peptides

Eye creams vs. Anti Ageing Night Creams

So what if your existing serum for your face has these ingredients ? Anti aging night creams/serums also contain a cocktails of antioxidants like Vit A, Vit C, Vit E and hyaluronic acid and certain peptides but they may also contain strong exfoliating agents like Glycolic acid, higher concentration of retinoids. Eye creams though have similar ingredients but we should just be a little wary of applying the anti ageing cream in the under eye area since these may contain the ingredients in higher concentration than the under eye area could tolerate. If the night cream is a mild one which basically hydrates and has antioxidants and emollient base it could definitely be used to sooth the under eye skin.


Doc Recommendations

Faireye cream, Radiant i cream, Melalumin eye serum

P&B Recommendations

So I did a bit of research recently and here are the ones I found to be really great:

Though this is a Boots brand, this eye cream contains a milder form of Retinol (Retinyl Palmade) which your eyes can tolerate. Also contains Hylarunic acid- so win win.

This one as usual isn’t available in India but it contains Retinol and Hylarunic acid. Also comes with some pretty good reviews online and has been consistently ranked amongst the top 5 eye creams.

Again, not in India but available on and they ship to India. This has shea butter and Hylarunic acid and is supposed to be brilliant.



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