Ok people- life changing product alert. You might think I exaggerate, but I go through concealers faster than Zara  changes its stock (which by the way happens every two weeks and annoys me because like..if I like something and mentally bookmark it I can never find it again. Damn you Zara) . The point is – If there is a concealer on the market, trust me it has grazed my under eye area ever so gently . That makes my under eye area sound very promiscuous I realise,  but I think its finally ready to settle down with ….Mr.Nars Creamy Concealer . Sigh. Just the name of it is making my under eye area blush and twitch.

IMG_2321 IMG_2324

Here why you need it

1.) Even though I like coverage, my main concern is a concealer should be very light weight and look natural. This one softly hugs my under eye area and ensure there is no pesky line . So people think Im just naturally wide awake . I don’t correct them.

2.) While my previous favourite was the Bobbi brown eye brightener, it was pretty low on coverage – this one is definitely good coverage. When I have a rough night, this one is like your best friend that won’t tell or let anyone else know

3,) It lasts the whole day and more and I can come back from work and still look semi presentable (Well…once I brush my hair and splash some water that is. Usually, I will look like a ton of bricks hit me and my hair will be like petulant teenagers refusing to behave)



Before & After. Im not wearing any foundation. 

The only thing…

I got the shade Biscuit…but I think I’m a shade between ginger and biscuit cos biscuits kinda dark on me. I did a get ready with me on my Instagram a few days back with this.

Overall : A+

Price: I got it from abroad from 30$ you should probably get it from the US or Eurpe

Reccomendation: Love this stuff !! I thought finding a concealer that gave coverage but was lightweight and natural looking was like finding a Cola bar (it never seems to exist with the Kwality walls people). But well I was wrong- this one is everything you want and more.

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