Ok, so you know what annoys me about bloggers? When they say you ‘need’ something in your life. I mean, I think I can survive without that polka dotted off shoulder shift dress you got there ya know. And my life maybe okay without that sparkly metallic rose gold eyeshadow . (Wait, wait I said maybe) (Ps: Friends copy paste dialogue. If you are a millenial you might be like what ‘Friends?’ and I am currently in my head throwing papayas at you . I hate papayas. Ugh)

But… here’s something I truly think you DO need in your life and I have very logical explanations to tell you why. If you are someone like me- i.e someone who has a full time job where you need to be dressed appropriately, but at the same time you like to purchase fun pieces as well, your closet may consist of a number of backless/ strappy / too tight / too short numbers like this.


The problem- as gorgeous as this is, there are very very few occasions I can wear it outside. Same is the case with body con dresses- they are sometimes too tight to just wear out in Delhi, or a slinky top which you can only think of taking out at night. Enter- the denim vest. Once I put this on, I can totally make this work appropriate (or Indian lechy guy appropriate).

See? It also works for any other not so appropriate numbers you have. Also, sometimes you have really plain things- like this tank and these pallazos. When worn together they look nice but just about that. Throw on a denim vest and….


In short, in my very ‘practical-fashion’ brain these are worth every dime you spend on them because they are able to create so many different looks with just one addition. ALso sometimes when you feel yr looking overdressed in a floor length maxi dress, just carry it on top and ta-da.

There are a gazillion other ways to wear a denim vest too…

My denim vest is from Ajio . My dress is from Zara. My top and pallazos from Zara as well

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