I remember my last day of Post Grad- I had just been placed in Mumbai for a stint at a bank and one of my best friends was placed in the same city ! See in my twenty two year old brain (which I now realize was delusional because  I thought wine was disgusting at the time ) , this looked like Carrie Bradshaw’s life- meeting up with friends for drinks after work, going to work in that gorgeous blue dress, stopping by for coffee while walking to work and yada yada yada . In reality – I travelled one and a half hours one way in an auto travelling through muck to go to the most unstylish work place imaginable (The standard dress code was kurtas) ,  and after work drinks were limited to me and my Bournvita at night. I genuinely blame that company for taking away style cells from my brain for that period of time, and not even compensating me enough for it. Hmph.

Anyway, another annoying thing I used to find- my work wear wardrobe had to be different from my non -office wardrobe and I just hated that. So over the past few years, I consciously invest in outfits I know can transition with ease. (Ofcourse, being the boss of your office and dictating dress code helps as well ;)

Ps: Outfit deets for each can be accessed on my Instagram. Just click through and go.

Cropped Pastel Pink Pants

I love buying pants in different colors. They are pants so technically they are still formal , but adding a color just makes them so much prettier and appropriate for post work drinks too.

Crop Pallazos

Pallazos are like secret weapons to tackle Delhi summers. They are easy, breezy and look stylish

A Denim Shirt & A Pencil Skirt

I have worn this Denim shirt about a zillion diff times in a zillion different ways. But my favourite thing would be to tuck it into a nice pencil skirt. The denim makes the look casual and you can totally wear it out at night. (Btw this shirt is also my travel staple- wear it with tights in a plane)

A shirt jumpsuit


Striped Culottes

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 Well not just culottes, striped anything in bottoms  really.


A shirt dress

Umm Hello giant me . #lol #tedx @tedxglimchennai

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A  Blazer in an offbeat color


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Yeah. You would have seen me wearing this EVERYWHERE. It transitions between work to play so easily its ridiculous.

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