Even though they dry the life out of my lips (saw my Insta story yesterday?) , I do still reach for my Kylie Lip Kits ever so often on a special day.  I can vouch for the fact that if you want a lipstick thats food-proof, office -proof, kiss-proof, and whatever else you wanna do with your lips proof- its these ones. They stick on to your lips forever and while I would not like to inflict the Sahara desert like dry-ness on my lips everyday, sometimes its worth it.

But where to get them from in India ?

Umm, I don’t understand why people ask this question without checking the Kylie Website. The Kylie Cosmetics website DELIVERS to India people. Yes. Its true. Also- they have offers and stuff so if you buy 2 lipkits the shipping is actually free (Also right now they have a buy one get one free offer) .  BUT lets say you are one of those strange human beings who doesn’t want to order it from this website but prefer an alternate. The Instagram page Skinfood also delivers these. This is an Indian instagram page and I was pretty wary of them- I mean what if all the stuff they give is those cheap Bangkok things you find in the malls there? But actually I ordered Kylie Kirsten from them and it turned out to be exactly like the one I ordered from the website so I guess its original. You will have to pay a premium if you buy from them though so I still HIGHLY reccomend getting them from the original website.

What about offline stores.

There are a ton of smaller stores like Kunchals in GK 1 who claim to sell these. I personally would not trust any offline seller currently who claims to be selling the Kylie kits.

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