While working at Bridal Asia recently, I knew I had to ask Bianca Louzado – one of India’s most famous makeup artists (who was present at the WMG Stall) her secret to how her skin was just radiating and glowing.  Bianca has worked on pretty much every Bollywood star there is, and a ton of brides queue up to get her dates. Add to the fact that she didn’t look her age at all and I knew we had to know her secrets. This is her personal beauty routine and guide to happy, glowing skin.

Bianca says, “I’ve always had an underlying love for makeup but never thought I’d pursue it professionally. I did a double major in Chemistry and Food technology and went on to become a model and subsequently a VJ for Channel V. After my stint as a VJ, I became a flight attendant. Even then, I’d save money to buy makeup and sometimes doll up colleagues. After my son was born, I decided to take a break from work. At this time, I hated my mundane job and was completely aimless and clueless. The man who introduced the thought of becoming a makeup artist into my head was my late father. Initially, I rubbished his idea but he coaxed me, paid for my first makeup course and kit. I went on to learn it professionally in India and London and today here I am, all thanks to his support. Im 38, and so ensure that good skincare goes hand in hand with good makeup.

Makeup Life and Love

Day Routine – My skin type changes according to weather :) Sometimes normal, at other times combination. I start by cleansing my face with Sephora Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder mixed with a drop of Clinique Foaming cleanser. Then I apply Estee Lauder Pore minimizing serum. I’m 38 years old and at this age, serums are of utmost importance. I’m a huge fan of the Tatcha Silk cream. It hydrates my face without feeling heavy. Tatcha is a Japanese brand, expensive but fantastic. They use a lot of good ingredients that benefit the skin. If you have oily skin, go for Dermalogica’s Matte moisturiser instead. My go-to sunscreen would have to be Dermalogica SPF 50.

Night RoutineBioderma cleansers are great but I also make sure I wash my face at night before applying the same Estee Lauder serum. Then its the philosophy oxygenating eye gel cream and Tatcha lip balm. I love body lotions by Bath & Body works for my skin and also some body oils. Top 2 on my list are Spa Ceylon Pink Lotus body oil mist (Its a fuss free oil in the form of a spray !) and Bali Ixora Frangipani oil.

Dazzle n Sparkle

Skincare Secret Sauce – I have 3 oils / elixirs that I apply before going to sleep. One each night, I keep alternating between them. First is the Tarte Maracuja Oil, then there’s Farsali Rose gold elixir with 24k gold flakes and finally, Tatcha gold Camellia beauty oil with crushed 23-karat gold flakes. I rub them into my face until they merge into the skin and the result in the morning is truly MAGICAL. If I have some leftover oil in my hand, I use it on my eyebrows, lashes and neck. I also take GNC Biotin tablet for hair, skin and nails + Evening Primrose oil 1000mg capsule. I get these capsules from abroad- they ensure my  skin and hair is at its best.

Glow Mask – Once a week or before an event / important occasion, I use the Adore Cosmetics – Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask. It has pure gold and I totally swear by it.

4 Indian brands I recommend for Natural Skincare/ Makeup


  • AYCA – Organic, handmade and chemical free. My personal favourite is the Bergamot, Cardamom and Ginger Body oil. It smells amazing, is relaxing and non-sticky.
  • PAHADI LOCAL – A lesser known brand that’s available at Good Earth stores across India as well as www.goodearth.in. I use their cold pressed hair oils and they’re so good. I recommend the Apricot and Walnut ones.
  • RUBY’S ORGANICS – Ruby was a student of mine, many many years ago and has now introduced makeup that’s safe and paraben free. She has non-toxic foundations, lipsticks with oils in them and water resistant cream blushes.
  • INDULGEO ESSENTIALS – Their Rose Gold oil is LOVE. I generally apply 1-2 drops of it before applying foundation.”


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