“Let me introduce myself. I’m Sunita, a textile designer living in Chennai and extremely passionate about home decor and styling. Yogesh and I got married 3 years ago and this is our first home together. It holds a really special place in our hearts. The space was like a blank canvas when we moved in and it was quite intimidating to work on it as I had to start from scratch. To be very honest, when it comes to home offices, one may take it for granted and not make an effort to create a space that you actually like. I strongly believe one needs a creative work space to make work even more exciting. My inspiration came from my travel to Europe and I was literally glued to Pinterest and home décor magazines before I started working on my home office.

It took me almost two months to put it all together. And once I felt it was done, I fell in love with the room! I loved the entire process of working on an idea and bringing it to life! Hence I took it up as a challenge and started working on the other rooms as well. Once I was hooked on to home-styling there was no looking back. The room is never completely done according to me as I love changing things around every now and then to give it a fresh look.

My work-space is my little creative corner where lots of chaos and designing happens. Since my work requires me to be creative, I wanted a space which will inspire me and keep me motivated. I love the minimalist feel of Scandinavian design style and that’s what I’ve tried to incorporate into my space. Natural wood tones and hair-pin legs are classic Scandi style! I wanted a calm space where I could work from home hence I went for pastel shades with hints of classic black and white. Inspirational quotes adorn my walls right above my desk, which really sets a positive vibe in the room. And I have a mood-board which sits right next to my desk; I pin things that inspire my projects.

And on the other side of the room is my gorgeous bookshelf/storage unit where I store my art supplies and other random things. And yes, of course my books too! It’s made of mango wood and I love the natural wood tones! Next to my shelf is my comfy-couch where I take my little coffee breaks and do my reading.

Before styling any space I always begin with a rough drawing of how I want it to look – It’s the best way to visualize your space before buying and sourcing things. It can even save you from making some drastic mistakes. I love the entire process of seeing the design in my mind and then bringing it to life! That has to be my favourite part! I strongly believe that a space doesn’t have to be expensive for it to look fabulous! And DIYs are the best way to get started. It’s actually therapeutic. I’m not a huge DIYer but when I can’t find the stuff I’m looking for, I make it! So start making things you can’t find and that’s the best way to make your space reflect your personality. It can be a cool weekend project! Don’t forget to have fun while doing it !”

Desk & ChairUrban LadderPrints on the wall – Made them myself (Inspiration from Pinterest) | Frames – Local frame shop | White storage unit – Exhibition/ home décor fair | Rug – Home décor fair (You won’t believe the price I got it for – 750 bucks !) | PlanterAmazonDreamcatcher – From local craft shop | Wooden Calender – From my travel to Europe | Study lampUrban LadderBookshelfthearmchairCouchHome CentreStanding Lamp – At an exhibition | MoodboardDecography

Sunita is a Textile Designer who loves to style and decorate her home. See more of her boho Chennai apartment on Instagram.

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