I’ll be honest. I thought I was a super productive person until I started up. You see, when I was working in Amex, I was moonlighting Peaches & Blush with 3 articles a day and also running a bridal shopping service on weekends . I thought I was a Ninja, but with better clothes and lipstick. But then WedMeGood happened and it felt like I was drowning under a pile of bricks .  Every night I would come home and feel like I just accomplished nothing during the day even though I was working so hard. So, I made some changes early on to ensure I can be my productive best at work. Here are my secrets ….

1.) The No Phone Rule: Every morning when I reach work, I put my phone into my drawer and close it. I open it next only after lunch.  A lot of people want to secretly murder me for this because I tend to miss a few calls but I cannot tell you how productive this makes me- without having my phone around I don’t have to check Instagram or respond to random whatsapps. I can use my morning time to plan my day and what I want to accomplish – right from the stories that need to go out to overseeing our FB ads, to planning the next event or pitching a company.

2.) The Evernote Sticky Note Software Is my life saver: There are always ten things happening parallelly in a startup and the only reason I’m not drowning right now is because this little software on my desktop ensures that I have all my to do’s written in one place. I like to have one note for big projects (Eg: an upcoming event) and then one note for small daily follow ups. I also keep one note for follow ups with my DR’s and they keep secretly trying to find their name on it .

3.) I read my emails at the end of the day not the beginning: I was listening to this lecture once where this guy mentioned that most people spend 60% of their work time reading mails. Mails is what others need from you- its reactive. Instead of spending 60% of your time doing reactive things, why not spend that much time doing proactive things that you have set yourself to do. It kind of changed my perception of emails and now even though people hate me for not replying on time, I get much more pro-active things done by moving my emails to the end of the day

4.) I struggled with leadership early on : You see, I’m a creative, one woman army and my husband and co-founder is a natural people leader. For me to actually lead people took a bit of time to get used to,  so I did what I always do when something  is new to me- I read. I read a ton of books like Creativity Inc , One Minute Manager , How To Win Friends & Influence People etc ….and as cliched as it sounds it helped me find my leadership style. Now, I have a weekly individual catchup meeting with each of my DR’s, we discuss the coming week to do’s. I email the minutes of the meeting and tasks needed to finish to them after the meeting  so that in the next meeting, we can open that mail and see what we accomplished. Honestly, everyone has their own style and most of the stuff I read these days is how to be a better leader.

5.) Fitness apps help me unwind when I don’t have time : I like using apps like 7 minute workout  when I don’t have time for Zumba and also follow a few youtube videos like Pop Sugar Fitness for workouts which are helpful to squeeze in a few minutes.

6.) My life outside work keeps me productive: I think we like to glorify startup entrepreneurs with phrases like “Oh her work is her life” or “Im working 24/7 man , I just have zero time” .  That  may be for some people, but it’s not for me. I need my once a week zumba lessons, my half saturday breaks , and spending time with my family over the weekends to recharge and get going again. I always pick up work from home, and I work sundays too but I ensure I get enough time to take care of what makes me happy as well.

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