Remember when you were in chemistry class and you had to learn the periodic table and balance equations. Well, it would have been SO much more fun if they taught us about this kind of chemistry you find in skincare. Between the ton of research I’ve been doing on anti ageing and skincare, one ingredient that kept popping up was Hyaluronic Acid. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about so I dug a little deeper. Here’s what I found :

Dermatologist Dr.Lipy Gupta says, “Hyaluronic is a natural ingredient in the skin that keeps it hydrated and plump. We start losing HA after 30 yrs of age which leads to facial sagging and loose skin. Over a period of time, wrinkles and fine lines form. When we do HA Fillers (inject Hylarunic acid into the skin via a needle ) we try to restore volume, replenishing the lost HA over time. Now, technology has advanced so serums and anti ageing creams containing HA have the same role.

However, all the HA applied on the skin may not be able to penetrate deep inside and the molecule size of the product is extremely important regarding this. Choose an appropriate product to give the best results. Your skin type is the most important factor to determine the kind of product you should use. Other factors include the medical conditions, sun exposure and additional products used. Your dermatologist is the best guide for the same. Better to consult rather than experiment.


But I bought a product with Hylarunic Acid and it ended up making my dry skin even drier ?

So this happened with me. I bought the Clinique Moisture thirst gel moisturizer and while in the first second it gave me this burst of like drenched hydration, it actually ended up making my dry skin even  drier over the course of four hours.  Doc says “HA is present in the different bases of the product in which it is dispersed. These can be gels, lotions or creams. A gel is appropriate for oily skin and a cream/lotion for dry skin. If we use a HA product which is gel based on dry skin it can aggravate the dryness. This is because Hyalarunic acid is supposed to suck in moisture from its surrounding. Now if it doesn’t find moisture, there are chances it may suck in moisture from your skin. Hence- users with dry skin should use HA products inside moisturizers and not gels. ”

Are there products that can’t be used in conjunction with HA ?

As such there are no combinations to be avoided. HA is synergistic with most products.

P&B Recommendations – Certain products containing Hyalarunic Acid in India are – Clinique Moisture Thirst Range, Estee Lauder Night Recovery Concentrate. Apart from this if you want to venture and buy online the Tatcha Water Cream has Hyaluronic Acid, and the Skinceuticals HA intensifier as well as ‘The origins Hylarunic Acid’  is supposed to be good too .


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Do you use products with Hyaluronic Acid ?

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