Alright people, super special post right here because if there is one other person in my family who is totally into beauty, it is this strange human being below. You will mostly find her labelled as ‘bae’ in my Insta stories , she’s my cousin sister but more like real because we grew up in the same house. And honestly, she is the one who is always telling me about the latest new thaaang in beauty when she isn’t making me crack up . She is currently bullying me to buy shape tape , and making me spit out my coffee in laughter in the post below.

June 2011 

The fascination with makeup starts, the sister comes up to me and introduces me to a ‘makeup tutorial’. I see a beauty guru slap on flawless makeup and I make it my life motto to go to the mall asap and purchase the exact same product. Its only after spending a substantial amount of money resulting in a slight dent in my bank account, that I realize that the makeup aunty on YouTube is around 15 shades lighter than me.

Keeping in mind my middle class upbringing, I still think I can make it work. So I continue wearing the light lipstick. It is only when my brother points out the obvious and compares me to Andrew Symonds (the time when he used to wear the white paste thing on his lips during a match) is I realize that maybe, MAYBE this is not for my skin tone! At one point of time the mother does scream out – “Why is your skin GREYYY??” In front of a crowd. Foundation oxidizes mother and it oxidized a hell of a lot on me. Having a family that doesn’t hold back opinions along with the fact that makeup was oxidizing faster than iron; I sit up and switch to makeup that would actually suit my skin tone.

Present Day..

After looking like Australian cricketers (Refer above) , Iv finally found my sweet spot. I hope this helps other dusky girls out there! For reference I have very sensitive, oily-combination skin and I am a NC42 in MAC.

My Makeup Recommendations (Tried and Tested)

Image source – Umm Baby Beauty



Its always been an issue for me to find the right shade as Indian skin tones have such strong yellow undertones. Most of the darker shades just ventured into a pinker undertone. I think Maybelline has done a decent job in the Fit Me Range. I love using the shade warm honey. It looks natural and is super easy to work with. I do enjoy wearing the Nykaa skin genius foundation in True Tan also. Its light and hydrating and perfect for everyday wear. Bobbi Brown foundation in soft honey is another favorite.


MAC blush in Gingerly – This is a MUST have! I bought it because its Kim Kardashian’s favorite blush. I don’t know what I was thinking, nobody will be interested in watching keeping up with the Sagar family. Anyways, it’s a beautiful earthy color that looks so good on Indian skin! All bronzy and peachy. It’s the only blush you’ll ever need. (ok not only, who owns just one blush? ) The Lakme illuminating shimmer brick in coral and MAC blush in Peachykeen are also good options.

Image source – Tryst with Vanilla girl


MAC Mulch eyeshadow – This is one example of blindly following makeup aunty on Youtube. I thought I could use this warm bronzy-brown on the crease, but I forgot I am brown. This works so well as an all over lid color! It reflects golden hues but still looks very natural. Just this all over the lid and some heavy kohl on the waterline looks beautiful! I’ve hit the pan on this and that says a lot if you own 100+ eyeshadows!

Lip tint 

Maybelline baby lips in Berry sherbet. You know the time when you don’t want to wear lipstick but you just want a ‘tint of color’. But all the lip balms around you are made for girls with light rosey lips and even slathering half a tube of that bloody lip balm will not give any color. Come 2015 and Alia bhatt is seen hopping around with her friends on TV wearing a lip balm meant for Indian skin tones. Ignoring the fact that they could have chosen someone brown-er to sell this, I decide to give these new baby lips a try. There has been no looking back since. Its got enough pigment to show up and it looks natural, the way a lip balm is supposed to. I also love wearing this over just a hint of lipstick.


Becca highlighter in Opal. This isn’t just for the dusky girls; if you don’t have a highlighter from Becca, get it!! The gold shade in opal compliments the Indian skin tone so well. It’s quickly become an everyday essential for me.

Image source – Fraulein Jung

Lipsticks :

Some of my favorite lip colors that don’t look too dark but at the same time don’t wash me out are:

  • Revlon Colorburst matte balm in the shade Sultry
  • Bobbi Brown Lipstick in the shades Razzberry (all time fave) and Crushed Plum . They look vampy on light skintones but are pretty pinks on me.
  • Nykaa Mattilicous lip crayon in Jade Rose
  • Kylie Lipstick- Kristen
  • Mac Mocha is really beautiful as a nude lipstick
  • Brown Sugar from Kylie & Jeffree Star Leo are also good favourite Nudes


On most days I don’t really bother with foundation, just a bit of concealer does the trick. I highly recommend the L.A Girl pro concealer. They have a lot of shades and its super affordable. I use the shade ‘pure beige’. Its perfect for under eyes as it highlights that area a little.

Color corrector

An orange corrector can be used on dark circles or dark patches (specially around the mouth) before applying concealer. I use the MAC orange corrector under my eyebrows as even after getting my eyebrows done that area looks green-grey-ish. (I am blessed with eyebrows thicker than Suppandi’s brain  (Edit: this infact is true. Parlour people bitch about her brows all the time .)

Setting powder

MAC prep n prime loose powder – its transparent and so easy to work with. No flashback! The Rimmel stay matte is a great option. You can pick up a shade light or dark, the powder is not at all pigmented, great for setting make up. Also, Nykaa skin genius compact doesn’t leave my skin feeling overly-powdered and they have quite a few shades available.

Last but not the least, embrace your skin color! Don’t try to make it lighter with makeup. I truly believe dusky skin tones carry off makeup the best. So let go of the obsession with peaches and cream and embrace caramel chocolate. Ok now I’m hungry.

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