Up until a while back, the only question that gave us sleepless nights was – Will the white walkers break the wall ? But now that I know , another much scarier question has taken its place. How to control premature greying and deal with the first signs of white hair ? I put it up on Insta story the other day , and  a lot of you guys recommended some really effective stuff on Instagram. These are basically alternatives to hair coloring since only a few strands are out – So we decided to put together some of them for everyone to read.

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(1) Radhika Suneja suggested the L’Oreal Paris Magic Retouch Instant Root Concealer that retails for 600 and comes in 2 shades – Black and Dark Brown.

  • The Pros – Easy to apply – just shake the bottle, spray and let dry. It is fuss free and a great quick fix when you’re short on time and just have a few stray white hair to cover.
  • The Cons – Unusable in the rainy season, all the colour will wash off. It lasts only until you rinse your hair (temporary colour).

Image via Posherry

(2) Another P&B reader, Harsha told us about the Kama Ayurveda Organic Indigo powder that can be purchased for 545 from their official website.

  • The Pros – Completely chemical free and hence good for your hair. You only have to mix water to create a paste. It is used with henna so you don’t get the orange effects of henna afterwords.
  • The Cons – To be used in conjunction with henna (detailed instructions can be read here.)

(3) Next up we have Shatabdib, who told us about this technique called Balayage. Basically its a hair coloring technique which is more natural and low maintenance than the normal procedure – usually used when doing Ombre hair. It is applied by hand so make sure your stylist is experienced in this technique.

  • The Pros – When done properly, it accentuates your features. The technique does not discriminate on the basis of hair length or type.
  • The Cons – It might dry out your hair like any other coloring technique and does nothing to prevent greys / white hair in the future

Image via In Life Healthcare

(4) If you’re looking for a home remedy, then this video shows how to prepare an all natural hair dye using coconut oil, curry leaves and amla. Rakhi sent this in.

  • The Pros – All ingredients can be found at home and are beneficial for your hair.
  • The Cons – Can take up a bit of time (and effort) to prepare and results are not scientifically proven though a lot of people claim it works and the time taken to see results is over months so like…who has that kind of time?


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