So this, is my second most asked question (Second only to my skincare routine) – how do you and your husband work together? For  the  ones who don’t know, both the boy and me quit our jobs simultaneously to launch WedMeGood a few years back and yes we are still at it.

So in two words- the answer to the title of this post is…that…It sucks. There you go. Article over. See you next time.

Haha, kidding..but jokes apart , it is an incredibly difficult position and one we didn’t choose for ourselves but honestly had to be in because WMG wouldn’t have been the success it was if one of us wasn’t there.

Why we chose to start this together

So..4 years back, all I wanted to do was start a nice little wedding blog since so many brides read Peaches & Blush at that time anyway. I was happy doing that,  along with P&B and still having my full time job as a risk analyst at Amex. But at the same time, the boy had recently quit because he wanted to start up- he had always wanted to. Before we were married he told me- hes going to quit one day and start something (I used to secretly pray he never quits because I hate risk).  So when he quit his job , he dabbled into a few other things to see what it is he wanted to do . When I told him about the wedding blog thing – he rolled his eyes  until he came across a few wedding portals abroad (They weren’t blogs but full fledged websites like WMG is now) , and he realised this could be something much more than a blog. He convinced me to quit too, because he knew that I knew how to engage an audience and build early traction with social media and content. He knew how to run a business and make money (He’s so we needed both our strengths to really come together . I think thats important – if we didn’t have complementary skills we would never have started in the first place- it would have been easier to find a different cofounder and for one of us to continue our job.

What it was like early on

The first year was super hard – our life was a big fat mess of work – day in and day out. We brought work home, we brought work issues home, there were ego tussles, and while WMG was doing well, the fact that we were working and living together + the fact that both of us had no jobs and had to ive off our saving – there was just extra stress all around. But a year later,  I took a call to change somethings around:

1.) I started coming home on my own, before he did : Everyone has their own routine which makes them happy. I realised the fact that I was with him 24/7 and coming home when he found it comfortable was just annoying me as I wasn’t getting any ‘me’ time. So now I cab my way back home earlier  and as silly as this little thing sounded it made SUCH a difference to my overall mood.

2.) I consciously took a slight step back from WMG to focus on other stuff in my life like fitness for example. Again- such a game changer, instead of me doing WMG 24/7 I now had a different dimension to unwind. It made me happier and calmer

3.) We both took conscious calls to divide roles and not get into each others roles at all. So for example- anything related to marketing/ branding/ social media/ content is a call I take – he is welcome to give suggestions but that’s it.  Im the final call even if he disagress. Similarly- with business strategy, payments, tech, revenue generation etc I don’t mess with it even if I feel very strongly about it. I voice my opinion but final call is his.

4.) We set aside time every night to just chill and watch our favourite sitcoms together, and do non work things so it doesn’t feel like we are working constantly.

What its like now

I think we have found our sweet spot now (touch wood), where we really enjoy working together .  Would we reccomend it – nope. But if you feel like you really need the both of you in it, go ahead. Be prepared to rough it out for a bit till you find your own mojo.

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