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Guest Review (Skin type : Sensitive, Oily-Combination skin and Skin tone : NC 42 in MAC)

“I tell my mother I’m ordering something called Shape Tape. She’s delighted to know that there is finally a tape in the market which can bring her not-so-shaped children back in shape. No mother ! I can’t walk around with tapes on my legs and arms; what will people think and more importantly no one has thought of such a thing except you. Disappointed, my mother leaves the room to find other techniques to make her children thinner.

Coming back to Shape Tape, if you are even slightly interested in makeup you’ll know what I’m talking about. The shape tape concealer by Tarte has taken the beauty industry by storm. All YouTubers have forgotten the seven hundred and thirty one concealers lying in their vanity and are choosing to use this in every tutorial. Its been called bae /lover /magic and I don’t know what else.

Is it worth it? Lets find out…

Class and Glitter

I’ve never really been a concealer person because I honestly feel it can totally erase your flaws. Which is good in a way – don’t get me wrong, however you don’t want a ‘my friends don’t recognize me without makeup’ type of a situation. Also, with the new iPhone X out with face recognition, it can get tricky.. But I had to try this baby out after hearing such good reviews.

The Pros :

  • It blends like a dream, super opaque (what a concealer should be) but its not drying at all.
  • I literally need three dots on my under eye area and I’m done.
  • It doesn’t look cakey and doesn’t settle into fine lines. You can set it with a loose powder.
  • I love the fact that it comes with a wand so its super easy to use. I get what the hype is all about – This concealer means serious business. It literally erases EVERYTHING! You can obviously go with a light hand and work accordingly (it will last you for a long time in this case!) Its opacity is its selling point.
  • I have the shade Tan which works well for the under eyes as well as for hiding spots.
  • It works beautifully with a beauty blender, brush or just your fingers.

The most important question : Where to get it?

Tarte ships to India and they offer free worldwide shipping quite often. I got it for around 1800 INR. So be on the look out. You can also buy them from the (genuine) Instagram stores. The price point is almost the same. (1850-2220 INR)

Verdict – A +

Price – INR 1800


Let me summarize it for you : Imagine you are sitting like a potato at home, watching Netflix while eating potato chips. You need to rush out. You have five minutes. The Tarte shape is ALL you need for base. (I know what you’re thinking.. why would anyone leave the house if they have Netflix and potatoes? …But let’s not go there.)

I have to admit, I have been reaching out for this while shamelessly ignoring my other four concealers. (No, I don’t have 731 of them.) If a concealer is something that’s crucial in your makeup routine, then this is a must have.”

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