Who knew a beauty product would make me believe in second chances. Uh huh yup, and honestly I’m a bit surprised to see where it came from. So I’ll be honest here- not the biggest fan of Nykaa’s own line of products. I think they are ok-ay – and to be totally honest I roll my eyes whenever I see someone on the internet telling me I HAVE to get the new Nyka xyz cos like…lets get real . I can survive just fine without it . BUT the Nykaa Mattelicious Lip Crayons are da bomb dot com (Im too old to say these things now) .  I love matte lipsticks but with the Kylie Lip Kits etc I literally feel like I’m wearing some sort of a sticker on my lips- it FEELS unnatural and drying and while the Huda Beauty ones are nice too, I still don’t love em.

These ones, they go on like butter- like a nice, velvety creamy butter (Think I’m hungry now hence the allegories). So when I put them on and they went on creamy on me I was like “Ha, nice texture but I’m sure these wouldn’t be matte”. Then as if the lipstick was ‘Ha-ing’ back at me, it dried to a complete and total matte finish. Compared to all the matte lipstick formulas in the market- this one is definitely not as drying at all. In terms of longevity they can definitely last a meal and stay on for about 7 hours on me with a meal in between . Ofcourse they don’t stick around for the 12 hours that Kylie lip kits do , but as long as they stay put for the entire work day- who cares right? Plus atleast my lips dont cry at the end of the day.

My only complaint are the colors . I have Next Level Nude and Lacy Luck and both are nice but in the nude pink, and nude peach family. I wish they had some nicer shades available- a nice coral, a pretty warm pink (I heard Pink on Fleek is pretty) would be nice to have. But overall, the folks over at Nykaa have a winner on their hands and they just need to improve the shade range for these to be a total sellout.

 From L to R – Jade rose, Next level nude and Nude peach

Verdict : A+

Price: 695/-

Reccomendation: I know my lipsticks and I genuinely love these. I wish they had more colors cos the current shade range is a bit blah, but the fact that these last about 7 hours with a meal and still dont feel drying is such a major deal

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