When I was hooked on to fiction as a teenager (I read those crappy sweet valley novels) , and my mom was all into grown up , self help reading , I remember rolling my eyes . Specially cos one of the books she was reading was “Teach your child how to think” , and I remember feeling like “Umm..hello? Offensive much???” . Cut to today though, and whenever I feel like there is something I want to get better at- I find myself going to the self help section. Having said that, I hate preachy and overly heavy books. These ones are some of my favourites.

  • Leave your mark by Aliza Licht: I dont know if you guys know about DKNY PR girl but she was the anonymous girl who managed the DKNY twitter account and became a HUGE thing on social media. Well-she was Aliza Licht and if you are young and starting out with your career- her book is a fun read plus I really admire her for what she did with the DKNY PR Girl account so anything she says, I will treat as gospel.


  • Creativity Inc by Ed Catmull : So a friend reccomended this to me, and I think you will appreciate this book more if you are like in senior leadership or really leading a team. Its basically the story of Ed Catmull who is the president of Pixar animation, and how his team ensures creativity never dies in their company . I loved this book- specially because as a founder of a startup I’m always looking for new ways to keep the team motivated.


  • How to win friends and influence people: You have probably seen this in numerous lists, but this ones a good read too. A lot of it is related to sales and even though I don’t do anything remotely related to sales- all of us have to sell ourselves a bit.


  • The Power of Habit: I’m currently reading this , and its about how you can basically give up bad habits and what really causes habits. I like to think that I don’t have too many bad habits (the boy will disagree- he thinks binge watching sitcoms is a bad habit. Someone tell him watching 1 episode over 2 days is a freaking alien habit)


  • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg : I haven’t read this yet but I plan to, it comes super reccomended from all my career friends who say that this is the one book all women should read no matter what stage of career they are at.

PS: I did read Girl Boss by Sophia Amuroso and a lot of people love that. I thought it was okay, there are better ones out there :)

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