When it comes to eyes,  its like our parents distributed the worst genes then sat back with caramel popcorn to enjoy the drama unfold. “Oooh lets give Mehak sunken in eyes, add some puffyness throw in some fine lines…and Ujjwal…lets just freaking make him look like a drug addict”. Like no kidding , my brother has such sunken in eyes with lines that every cop he speaks to thinks he is  under the influence of drugs. “Its just my eyes dammit” he yelled once to a cop who told him to do a breathalyzer at 8.30 am when he was on his way to college .So I know eye care is critical if I don’t want a thousand lines under my eyes by the time Im 32,which isn’t too far away …which kind of is freaking me out.

So anyway, first things- these eye creams don’t impact dark circles and I honestly don’t know any creams that actually do that…so let’s get that out of the way. These creams help in fine lines and hydration and that’s sort of what the doc ordered for me. I also have not yet found an eye cream that takes care of puffyness.

Morning cream

I follow Caroline Hirons blog a lot for skincare and she loves the Zelens eye cream. When I saw the price on it, I thought buying a kidney might be a better alternate but then , what would I do with an extra kidney. So this cream has a silicone base and it basically just blurs fine lines under your eyes. You can literally see it after 5 minutes of applying that the small lines look softer and less pronounced . The key is to apply a really really tiny amount, I applied a lot of it on day 1 and was wondering why my eye area after 5 hours or so felt like was creasing. But apply a tiny amount and yll see it do its wonders.

Bought it from Cultbeauty

Evening routine 

Since the Zelens one doesn’t contain any retinol and while it does a great job as is, I wasn’t sure if it was doing anything long term, I picked up the very easily available Avene Ystheal Eye & Lip Contour. I apply this before going to bed and I like that I wake up to a hydrated eye area (Ofcourse there are more hydrating creams out there , but finding a hydrating cream with retinol is rare because retinol tends to dry out your skin). This one i use every alternate night, since skin tends to take time to get used to retinol and I think its one of the nicer ones Iv tried.

Bought it from Regular New U Store.

Photo via Style Lab

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