Raise your hand if you scour the internet before travelling to a city. To look for non-touristy places to visit and cool things to do there. You can’t tell but we’re raising both hands right now. In an effort to make your travel research simpler, we asked travel blogger Nikita of Our Vagabond Stories to tell us about the great travel experiences to be had in the city of Rome. And she happily obliged.

She says, “Ah, Rome! It is such a delight. The city is not only architecturally beautiful, but also well planned. Every Piazza (intersection of roads is commonly called a Piazza here), every street & building looks like a work of art. There are so many Must-See sights in Rome which you mustn’t miss!

7 most enjoyable things to do in Rome

  1. Mail postcards from Vatican City. Don’t forget to do this! If you don’t already know, the entire economy of Vatican City runs on Postcards :)
  2. Throw a coin in Trevi Fountain – One visit to Rome & you will want to come back! By throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain it is believed that the city of Rome will call you back.
  3. Get a Vespa on rent & make your Lizzie McGuire dream come true! 
  4. Head to the cute local area of Trastevere & take a stroll around the cobbled streets. 
  5. Explore the local restaurants near the Colosseum & explore the local cuisine. (Wine for 2 Euros people! )
  6. Walk around & explore the different Piazzas of Rome. 
  7. Gorge on some famous Italian Gelato! 

Day 1

Rome was the first city on my Euro trip and I was pretty excited to see what the city had to offer. Cobbled streets, golden sunshine & cute cafes; it looked like a perfect city for a girl to roam around! Since my hotel- Hotel Colours, was a bit far away from the metro, I walked with the luggage in hand. Thank god I took the city map from the airport! After understanding the directions, I realized the hotel was just a few blocks away from the metro.

Venchi Chocolate and Gelato

Since it was already evening, I went to eat at a cafe in the neighbourhood. Venchi is a nice restaurant serving amazing Gelato! If you’re in Rome, you must try gelato otherwise you’re missing out! I walked the streets at 11 in the night devouring our gelatos.

The most amazing thing here is, you will never feel unsafe even if you’re walking alone late at night. I did that & found lot of other girls like me walking on the streets with no fear. It was such a feel-good factor!

Day 2

Woke up to realize that today, I will finally see the Colosseum! The mammoth of a building that’s seeped in history & my absolute dream come true!  We left the hotel & caught a direct metro till the Colosseum & there it was, a true vision to behold! You start feeling really small in front of it, seeing how massive it is. We had downloaded the Rick Steves audio tour to make our tour in Rome easy.  It’s almost as if there’s a brilliant guide right there with you to take you around a tour through the most grand amphitheater in the world!

After touring the Colosseum, people find their way to the Roman Forum, as it’s right in front of the Colosseum. This is a really long Forum, so make sure that you’re not pressed for time while visiting this.

100 Montaditos Colosseo

A great place to have lunch/ dinner near the Colosseum is 100 Montaditos Colosseo! It has Spanish cuisine & is so light on the pocket that its unbelievable! Obviously, this place is always crowded. Also, don’t miss out on the 2 Euro wine/glass here! It’s such a steal.

Day 3

Since the hotel was just walking distance from The Vatican, I decided to explore the smallest city in the world. Do take your Vatican tickets beforehand, here’s why. Brace yourself for the crowds here as its super crowded & can take ages just to get past the line if you haven’t pre-booked your tickets. The Vatican is a must-see in Rome because of the art, paintings & the legendary works of Raphael, Michelangelo stored here. If you’re an art enthusiast, this place will be heaven for you!

Vatican Museums

Do make sure to end your trip by going to the Trevi Fountain. Why? If you want to come back to Rome, all you have to do is throw a coin in the fountain. Legend says if you do that, Rome will definitely call you back!

Female-Friendly City

The most amazing part about this city is how women-friendly it is. One can explore the nightlife & bars at any point in the night & not feel scared. However, one must be aware of the pick-pockets here. You never know when they try to snatch away your precious belongings from you, especially in crowded, touristy places like the Colosseum. So be careful!

Daily Budget

Suggested daily budget per person is 40-50 Euros, so make sure you have that much cash or credit with you. This is excluding your hotel rent, which can also go upto 40 Euros per day (for a budget trip).”

Author – Nikita Das

Nikita is a travel blogger at Vagabond Stories who loves exploring new places, eating out & just exploring life! She loves inspiring people to travel & live life to the fullest. She’s an English Literature student who has had a career in Advertising, prior to becoming a full time blogger.

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