It’s like a freaking routine. Every night, while lazying around near the lappie, my fingers magically hit the buy button on some random online store. The result- a package coming to my house full of pretty little things I absolutely do not need and in a lot of cases are terrible fitting. (Because, hello does anyone else feel like shopping online means buying 5 things, and returning 3 cos they don’t fit well?).

Add to this the fact that I am super lazy when it comes to returns. Like seriously, in the amount of time I will pack that dress , call the shipment guy, return it….I can probably change the world. Okay, I exaggerate but in that much time I can atleast do some productive working at WMG. Hence- always looking for hacks for making outfits work for me.

Take this shirt for instance. It was originally a knotted , off shoulder shirt. Totally amazing on the model, totally unflattering on me when it arrived . I just cinched it at the waist with a tan belt and ta-da I can actually wear this out.

PS: I know I look bald in this pic. Lets get that over with and move on.

I actually think an off shoulder button down is such a grown up essential because on days you want to go sexy without showing too much skin- this totally fits the bill. Plus, think about it- you can wear it out to date night, to formal events, to movies…brunches ..the works.

Speaking of ‘works’, I need to vent about working with millenials. Anyone else in the same boat as me?

Shirt: from Forever New, bought via Koovs

Shoes: from Dune London India (Ambience)

Jeans :American Eagle (Dubai)

Tan Belt: H&M

PS: Im new to outfit posts. Tell me if you like em!

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