Over the past couple of months, Iv been going back and forth on this cute little space we have here. With all the madness that is WedMeGood, P&B was supposed to be my release space , something that fun and has all the extra stuff I like to do- decor, beauty, fashion etc etc.

But I wanted to reach out to you guys to ask what it is you want from P&B. Personally, I find most beauty blogs stick to product reviews and I am really over them. Unless I find something new and fabulous I don’t see the point in devoting an entire article to the newest kajal in the market (I could be wrong here but pls correct me if I am) .

Do you like the beauty routines, and all the other dermat skincare stuff? Would you rather, I focus on just vlogs on my life. Doing youtube tutorials is out of the question, but vlogs are easier and can definitely try to do those. Do you guys want some outfit posts??? Do you want more lifestyle , career advice etc etc ?


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