So in my trousseau my mom gave me 11 heavy sarees (suddenly during my wedding, her inner punjabi aunty took over her senses), and I am not kidding I have used maybe 3 of those in the last 5 years. The others- I feel like I either look like :

1.) A living version of the kira kira app or

2.) a child trapped in 100 yardsof blingy fabric

Hence, Indo westerns are my go-to outfits for the festive season .

First tash party of the season..

Ok so story about this. Fell in love with this cowl, draped dress at Chamee & Palak, and had bookmarked to buy it at Bridal Asia. Then as usual, in the madness in Mumbai I totally forgot. The amazing people at Chamee & Palak remembered and sent it to me as a diwali gift. I absolutely LOVE it and wore it the very next day. True story- didn’t realise the dress runs a bit high on one side till I wore and sat in it and realised I was flashing my thigh to everyone. No wonder the older aunties were tsk-tsking.

Buy it from: Chamee & Palak

Price: Approx 13K

Channeling My Simple Indian Girl On Diwali Day

Another story- ordered this suit for Karva Chauth this year (its a tradition, I buy myself one new thing every KC). Totally forgot to pick it up until the morning of KC, and turned out the store was shut. Combine this with a very hungry me and I wanted to literally throw a monkey at the store owner. But I ended up wearing it for Diwali instead.

Buy it from : DLF Mega Mall

Price: Rs 13000/-

Last Cards Party

If you have to get one Indo western outfit- get this one. I cannot tell you how many times I have worn this one- perfect for tash, perfect for roka attending, perfect for dinners, perfect for all the pre-dinners of close family weddings.

Buy it from Ritu Kumar

Price: Rs 9000/-

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