Ok, so I know you have been signed up for the yearly gym membership. But you haven’t gone even once right ?

Well, I have a solution for you ! Fitness Apps. Read on to find out exactly which ones.

Loukya says,

Source – Body and Soul

“If you are okay with paid apps check out the Sweat App by Kayla Itsines. She has the best workouts.” We did a little digging and found that this app was founded by a fitness trainer Tobi Pearce. Kayla Itsines (fitness trainer), Sjana Elise (Yoga teacher) and Kelsey Wells (Post Pregnancy training expert) have joined the team to give us video tutorials, tips, techniques and exercise routines.

Tanvi says,

Source – Seattle Yoga News

Down Dog Yoga App is easy and has super crazy workouts. You can customize the pace, music or boost a specific area. Its not yoga in the traditional sense, but more like Pilates and Yoga combined. I like to call it Yogalates :) ”

Harshini says,

Source – Tribe Sports

FitnessBlender. You will love it – no music, clear instructions on body form/posture we need to maintain to avoid injuries. They have many free workouts. These guys rock.”

Aneri says,

Source – iPod Republic

Nike Plus !” Nike+ Run Club App is great for runners. It guides you and keeps you motivated like any other running partner would. There’s also the Nike+ Training Club App which acts as your own personal trainer. How cool is that ?

Nidhi says,

Blogilates on YouTube

“Check out Blogilates 5 minute workout videos on YouTube. Its amazing and so effective if done regularly.” A quick browse through her channel and we found cool videos like – 5 stretches to get you feeling flexible and thinking, How to make unicorn toast (vegan) and Best thigh exercises for toned legs (At home No equipment workout routine).

P&B Recommendation

I’ve been personally trying the Blogilates videos on YouTube and they are amazingggg! When I’m lazy to go to the gym, I just turn these on. They are sooo hard they make my body feel the burn for the next day. I even did one in Goa.

Which fitness app do you swear by ?

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