K-Beauty‘ is the latest buzzword in the skincare world. Many in the west are accustoming themselves to rigorous Korean Beauty routines, which consists of 7 to 10 steps to achieve pristine, clear skin like the Koreans. Even India is slowly catching on with brands like Innisfree and The Face Shop making their way here. For many newbies, Korean skincare products may be all about snail slime and cute packaging. But I am here to tell you that it is much more than that. Korean skincare products can really make a whale of difference to your skin when used consistently. I have been using them for the past two years and my skin has never felt better (It is not just a passing fad). If you feel that your current skincare regime is doing nothing for your skin, then now is the time to make the switch! Let me help you get started with 7 Best Korean skincare products that have been missing from your life:

Heimish All clean balm: Getting rid of all the dirt and makeup is the first and foremost step for achieving flawless, clear skin and ‘Double Cleansing‘ is the way to go to ensure that your day is taken off your skin completely. Double cleanse is cleansing your skin twice, first with an emulsifying oil cleanser and second with a low ph cleanser, that doesn’t strip your skin of all its natural oils. This cleansing balm is one of my favorites as it does a stellar job in cleansing. It has a balm texture, which turns into oil in contact with skin, and later emulsifies when washed with water. It smells of eucalyptus and ‘hanbang‘ which is a Korean word that translates to traditional Korean herbs. Also, it is gentle enough to remove even your eye makeup without stinging your eyes.

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Su:m37 Miracle rose cleansing stick: This cleanser is the most luxurious cleanser I have ever used and it is made of ingredients like fermented Damask rose petals, orange peel oil and lemon peel oil. It comes in a ‘twist up’ stick format and it is the friendliest cleanser while traveling! It is low ph, which means it washes away all the impurities on your skin and helps you get squeaky clean skin, while still retaining the natural oils and moisture. If that didn’t catch your fancy, I don’t know what will!

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Lee gee haam vita propolis creamAfter using tons of moisturizers, which neither moisturized nor made any difference to my skin apart from making me look like a grease ball, this cream came as a savior! It has 50% propolis extracts, which is known for its nourishing and moisturizing capabilities. It gets absorbed pretty quickly. This vita propolis cream along with its counterpart ‘Lee gee haam vita propolis ampoule‘ is the ultimate glow-getter duo that your skin needs! Try and thank me later :)

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Sulwhasoo Clarifying maskThis peeling mask has fantastic ingredients like Japanese honeysuckle, ginger, ginseng and a number of other Korean herbs that help clear up all the impurities on your skin. It is a weekly treatment peel off mask that will definitely make a difference to your skin’s texture with constant use.​​

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Klairs supple preparation tonerI have used astringent toners that contain a truck load of alcohol without knowing how much harm it can incur to the skin. That was until I started investigating more about skin care and different products. This supple preparation facial toner by Klairs is one of the best things to have happened to me. It is a hydrating toner that contains centella asiatica extracts, which helps in healing skin. It contains a number of botanical ingredients that soothe the skin and it works amazingly well even for people with sensitive skin. It helps balance skin’s ph and hydrates it at the same time.

Additional tip: This toner works perfectly for ‘Korean 7 skin method’, which requires using 7 layers of toner consecutively to hydrate skin deeply, without burdening it! Try this and see that ‘lit from within’ glow for yourself!

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Beauty of Joseon Dynasty creamThis sleeping mask has one of a kind, bouncy cream consistency that will make your skin look so youthful and soft; as if you got some fancy facial done the previous night! It is made of ingredients that were acclaimed widely for beauty benefits in the ancient ‘Joseon‘ era of Korea and hence the name! It contains Korean ginseng, Orchid flower extract, Honey, radish greens and flaxseed oil that helps in firming and brightening skin. Thanks to its bouncy texture, it is also a great makeup primer that helps hold your makeup for a long time.

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One o seven core flex cream essenceEssence is often attributed as the heart of Korean skincare and this essence which is made of ingredients like Squalane (which is a stable and saturated hydrocarbon that is naturally found in skin and is a great emollient), fermented vinegar – provides aging skin with powerful tightening and brightening effects. Usually, essences are watery but this one has creamy consistency. It sinks into skin better than water based essences. It is designed to be an eye cream for the entire face! You think I make no sense? Usually, products made for eyes to fight dark circles and crow’s feet are concentrated well enough to keep the area firm and tight. Now, imagine the same benefits all over your face and that’s what we are talking about with this essence. Priced at 70$, it does not come cheap but it also saves you the cost of an extra eye cream as it is a multipurpose product that can also be used as an eye cream. Sound good now?

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So, I hope you find this article helpful and I hope to meet you again here with another useful article. Do let me know in the comments if you have anything specific related to K-beauty that you want to know and I will be more than happy to write about it in another article :) For more information on the latest K-Beauty trends and Asian beauty rituals, do follow me (Jaseema Farook) on Instagram at ‘@TheGlowGazette‘.

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