When I got my hands on the glam glow masks, I put one on and prayed it would turn me into Beyonce (but with the same husband I have currently cos  the Boy > Jay Z) . Ofcourse, I saw just the same old me in the mirror ,….however , I went on a bit of a mask spree to figure out which mask exactly is the best glam glow mask and I think we have a winner folks..


The Super Mud !

Yesss, the original glam glow super mud without the bright colours and fancy name is actually the BEST glam glow mask if you are thinking of buying one. I found that this one in the white tub really makes my skin look fresh and clean and even stuff like blackheads feel a bit less prominent when you apply the supermud. It’s not magic obviously (if it were it would be in a JK Rowling novel already), but its definitely one of the nicer masks Iv tried and tons better than any damn sheet mask out there . Clay masks are really not meant for my skintone cos its dry, but I also found this one doesn’t dry my skin excessively.

Thoughts on the other two I tried

I also tried the thirsty mud mask which is supposed to hydrate and while it was nice I think there are nicer hydration masks around in the market. I also tried the Flash mud which is a brightening mask but I still felt the super mud did a better job for brightening than the Flash mud.

Verdict : A for the Supermud, B for the other two.

Price: Rs 1750/-

Buy it from: Sephora stores in India or on NYkaa.com

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