Ok people, just about an hour back I put it out there on my Insta story whether anyone had ordered from Shein yet and what the feedback was ? I keep seeing the cutest freaking clothes in their ads and everytime my fingers go towards the buy button my brain is like “Don’t do it – the quality will suck…don’t do it”. So when I did ask you guys, I expected like a few responses but OHMYGOD…200 of you sent in DM’s of your experiences and overall it was SO polarizing that it just warranted a  freaking blog post.

What people said about quality

  • 60% of the people said the quality was decent. Some items were Forever 21 quality, some items were bad quality but overall for the money they paid it wasn’t bad.
  • The balance 40% said the quality was terrible and they wouldn’t order again
  • One important tip EVERYONE said was that each product has reviews on the bottom, and those reviews are pretty helpful they talk about cloth material etc so read individual product reviews before ordering to be safe, and order the ones with high reviews
  • I also noticed that most people who bought stuff like t shirts, leggings, a dress were ok ,  happy but people who trusted with heavier duty things like overcoats, sweaters, etc were really unhappy and said it just wasn’t worth it (Kinda like Sarojini no- you get okay quality light material things but when it comes to heavy craftsmenship like jackets you tend to avoid)
  • Also the return policy is apparently TERRIBLE so if you get a bad piece you are stuck with it.

What people said about sizes

Almost all of you said the sizes were unreliable. Some clothes were too small, some were too large. This is kinda standard with these chines-ey sites.

What people said about delivery

Takes about a 10 days to a month to come but it does come. Apparently they have just introduced COD in India .

My Two Cents of Gyaan

I think I have figured out what Shein is like and it mirrors my experience with a lot of international websites based in the far east. All of them are a hit and a miss- you can buy them when you want some quick, fashion forward items that you  want for a quick closet refresher. Don’t expect long lasting things to come out of it and be prepared that out of the 5 you order, probably 3 might be nice and 2 will be terrible. Also, here are my rules for ensuring a decent experience:

  • Always look at material. The minute it says 100% polyester, or 100% viscose. RUN. Example: See this cute dress here ? You would think it looks so good and you order it. Its 100 % polyester .That’s that material that makes you have sweat patches under your arms and it makes that wierd noise when your hand swipes against it. Mind you 90% of these sites are 100% polyester so your choices get limited but I only buy a 100% polyester product if I truly am insanely in love with it and I will anyway not wear  on a daily basis.
  • I always stick to ordering cotton or cotton blends with Polyester . Those are safe
  • Items like cute leggings, basic t shirts, a cute shirt, maybe a summer dress-  those are usually safe to order. I would never order sweaters from these sites, I would never order blazers, jackets or anything that requires heavy crafstmenship. I also find accessories bad quality on these sites.
  • Have realistic expectations- you aren’t going to get these clothes to last a year people. You have to be okay with the fact that this is fast fashion – wear it a few times over a couple of months , wash it 4-6 times and that is the best you will get out of it. Like I said, like sarojini.

Am I Ordering?

I think now that I know what type to order, I might order some leggings for winter and come summer maybe a few cotton dresses. Will keep you updated. I also think as you get older, you get less and less enamored with fast fashion and want closet essentials that are good quality. A younger me, would probably have ordered and re-ordered and that’s not a problem – that’s just what you want when you are younger !

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