Okay, so tall people (& grown up people)  will understand this problem- but finding nice shorts is like finding a tiger in Jim Corbett (you can never see it, people just tell you it exists)  . I’m not kidding, most shorts look either like:

1.) A type of underwear (remember bloomers) or

2.) Hot pants

on me. They come up super high, and it just looks all sorts of awkward. But the longer ones look just as bad , so when I came across this pair at Zara I was like ‘Hallelujah’ *cue haaaaaaa-leloooyah music *.

The best thing about them- they are tweed. So come Delhi winters and I shall be wearing them all about town over my stockings. I usually also never pick up shorts because honestly, I have never found an appropriate way to wear them to work, and I can’t wear these either but hey , atleast they don’t look ridiculous.

Outfit details

Black shirt is actually a shirt dress from Postfold. I wore it as a dress here

Shorts from Zara India

Shoes from Dune

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