Plop is one of those wierd words which makes me wanna say it again and again. Y’know like plop..plop plop plop ploppity plop. Its such a satisfying combination of vowels all rounded up into a nice little full PLOP. (I can’t tell you guys what that sound reminds me of cos its extremely gross but maybe some other time)

Alright, so if you have been following me for a while you know that I hate my hair. For good reason too- my current hair texture is wavy/ curly with a bit of frizz …but at the same time my hair is very very fine and thin and limp (due to my alopecia condition) ….which basically means the worst type of hair possible. When I use things to tame the frizz- they weigh down and make my hair limp. When I try to increase volume in my hair, it tends to frizz up my hair even further. What’s a curly girl to do?

Well, plopping. I read about it on the naturally curly website (which btw is something every curly girl should read) and since then haven’t looked back.

What is hair plopping

It’s a way for basically letting your hair dry in a way which you get natural waves/ curls with good volume and bounce minus the frizz. You basically comb through your hair when wet with a wide toothed comb. After that you take a cotton t shirt or a towel , and just turn your head upside down onto the t shirt. Then you secure the back, and twist the sides up and secure it . So now, I can use the shampoo and conditioner I want without worrying about volume because plopping adds volume withou frizz.

Who needs it

Every girl who wants volume and has wavy hair. Specially those with thin, wavy hair- plop it like its hot . Also girls who want frizz free curls…

To Further Reduce Frizz

I don’t like putting product in my hair but if you guys are cool with it, then go ahead and add some leave in conditioner or anti frizz serum into your hair before plopping it.

The Result

No Plopping won’t transport you to a pretty balcony in Goa, but hey it will ensure your hair looks good no matter where you are.


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