Okay, so you guys know I’m super into skincare of late, and everytime you ask me about where something is from- I end up saying some international website which is hard to get hold of, plus customs issues plus they aren’t exactly affordable. I can almost see you guys virtually rolling your eyes at me …yup…I saw what you did there.

SO, when I came across Dr Sheths line of luxury skincare products- I was intrigued. One , because they are formulated by a dermat (Dr Rekha Sheth ) so it’s not just about gimmicky packaging. Two, because the ingredient list read  like Christmas. All my favourite things- Vitamin C , Vitamin E, Kojic Acid, Vitamin A, Hylarunic Acid and all the good stuff people. (See my post on skincare ingredients here)

Basic Brightening Vitamin Glotion: This is a moisturiser with a bunch of antioxidants  (including Vitamin A, E & C) for an added glow. I’m forever looking for hydrating moisturisers that feel light but still moisturize my dry skin deeply and I can safely tell you this one ensures my face is sufficiently plumped and moisturized without feeling heavy even at the end of a work day. I know because I specifically noticed it after coming back home at 9 pm that my face wasn’t feeling dry …. I think they call it a brightening lotion because of the amounts of Vitamin C in it , and a lot of people have asked me if this is a vitamin c serum. Honestly, I would put this in the category of a really nice glowy moisturiser with vitamin c as compared to a straight out Vit C serum . The only problem I have with this is that the pump dispenser keep squirting product here and there and not in a clean way which annoys me- but I might have had a bad package . Overall though – love this stuff .

Basic Brightening Cleanser : I think this is my new go-to cleanser because finding cleansers which don’t leave your face tight and dry can be hard. My favourite so far has been the Kiehls Ultra Daily Facial Cleanser, and I found this just as nice as that one. It’s pretty much become my daily staple .

Ultimate Brightening Youth Enhancer (Night cream): This one is a little bit of a power package. It has Hylarunonic Acid, Vitamin A, Dimethicon for scar repair and a bunch of heavy duty stuff. It’s a bit hard to review creams like these because the impact can only be measured over time , but from a consistency point of view- it has this yogurt like texture (It almost looks like mango yogurt with little specks of raspberry). It nourishes my dry skin really well and atleast after I apply it, I do notice a certain radiance and brightness in my face the next morning- whether it will do wonders over time …only time will tell . I like to layer this over the Estee Lauder Midnight Recovery Concentrate, which I love, but I think using this alone may not be enough hydration for my super dry skin . My only question is whether this contains retinol or not (it mentions Vitamin A, which is retinol I assume???) ..

Reccomendation: A

Price: Ranging from between 1500-2200/-

Verdict: These are solid, skincare products that get the job done and for a change , contain some super impressive ingredients . The cleanser is something I use everyday , the glotion is what I slather on when I want to rush out the door without applying my usual 3 step process of vitamin c serum and then cream, and the night cream I enjoy layering on top of serums . I do think that they can improve the packaging to make it more luxe looking..but as long as the products do their job- who cares.

Where to buy : Dr Sheths

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