I knew everyone says this but Damn 2017, you flew by in a freaking instant. It’s been a bit of a mixed bag of a year -in a lot of ways it hasn’t been the best year on the personal front. And in many ways its been an absolute cracker of a year ….looking back here were my favourite memories, things, products and more from 2017.

My Favourite Memories

Kicking off 2017 in Australia

Last new years eve , we celebrated watching the fireworks in Melbourne. It was the first big trip we took post our honeymoon and a major item off the boys bucket list. I had zero expectations from Australia but now I think I want to move there. In between discovering hidden speakeasy bars, snorkeling in the great barrier reef, gorging on sweets at Zumbos pastry shop  and just having the most insanely stunning walk across Bondi & Coogee beach (along with getting stitches at the emergency) Рthis was the trip of a lifetime.

Trip to Amsterdam & Paris with Mommy + Suprises there

For the past two years, my moms employer has been giving her an allowance she can claim on international flight tickets and hotels. OFCOURSE we made full use of it and 2017 was the year of Paris , Amsterdam & Bruge with the mother. Cute little charming cafes, dragging my mother out of souvenir shops, buying only the cutest bag alive, sharing a cosy Airbnb and chilling with my brother in the streets of Paris were my favourite memories.

The photo on the left , is when the boy guess the password of my booking.com account, went in and found the hotel we were staying at and ordered flowers which said “5 days to our 5th anniversary”. It was a borderline stalkerish thing to do and had I not been married to him I might have gotten a restraining order, but he earned major brownie points for this.

Redoing my house

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person whose moods can change drastically based their surroundings. Im not kidding even like things like blue lights vs yellow lights make me feel depressed vs happy. It’s kind of scary, but redoing my house was just the best thing because I finally got a space that is so so me. Its light, airy, has enough color but still sophisticated enough for a 30 year old. Getting rid of the black sofas , and adding these fresh colours totally lifted my spirits at a time they really needed lifting. Click here to see the full makeover and how I did it

WMG Events: Bridal Asia, Makeup Trial- A -Thon, Mandap Popup

One of my favourite things this year was meeting all the people who use WedMeGood. Events are so freaking hard to pull off cos there are a gazillion things you need to manage, but Iv realised I love the madness of them and waiting to see if people turn up. Definitely my favourite memories of the year

Impromptu Sunday Breakfasts

So you guys know all about my maid woes by now. As we speak, our finalised maid has taken her 4th holiday in 10 days and we will probably be looking for another one now. BUT, what maid woes do- is turn regular days into impromptu sunday brunches. There is nothing that makes me happier than eating breakfast out with a glass of OJ, eggs to order and more.

Getting back to Peaches & Blush

I had honestly lost the passion and even the reason I started Peaches & Blush, and I couldn;t get myself to really devote time to it . But in 2017 I kind of rekindled that, and even though I didn’t post everyday or super frequently, I realised the reason I had stopped doing P&B was just the pressure to keep up, pressure to post, pressure to grow the number of followers etc etc. The moment I just let go and realised I didn’t really care whether I had 100,000 Instagram followers, or whether mine was the #1 beauty blog in the country , or about the free products and sponsorships – but all I cared about was having a little space where I get to interact with you guys- I found that love back.

My Favourite Products of 2017


Skinceuticals CE Ferulic & Embryollise Moisturiser

Two products Iv loved this year. The Skinceuticals CE Ferulic is a skin care game changer, Im so glad I bit the bullet and bought it. The Embryollise moisturiser is something that was on my brothers shopping list in Paris (his girlfriend gave him a nice little list), and I bought it on a whim. I LOVE how soft this makes my skin feel. A few people who tried it mentioned it was way too heavy for them, and it is a slightly heavier moisturiser but OMG its perfect for my parches skin

Dr Dennis Gross AHA BHA Peel Pads


My go-to product for glow. So if you aren;t into acid toning, you should be. (Let me know if you want me to do a post about them ?) . But the Dr.Dennis Gross AHA/ BHA Peel Pads are these little pads you apply on your skin containing exfoliating agents. They call them daily peel pads but chances are if you use these daily you will break out. I use them once a week to really refresh my skin- you can instantly see your skin looking brighter and fresher even with one use.

My Favourite Outfits

I think 2017 was the year I grew up in terms of clothing. (I know this because I realized I couldn’t relate to outfits worn by 50% of the bloggers I followed).My favourite places to buy clothing were Lulu & Sky (great quality), Ajio, Berschka but also some other brands like Scotch & Soda , Tom Tailor and more.

My Favourite Random Things of 2017

Reading Self Help Books

2017 was the year I graduated from straight up fiction to books that actually teach me something. I loved ‘The Power of Habit’ – which is great if you are a hardcore non fiction reader , but probably too much if you are a light reader. “Creativity Inc” was wonderful as it told the story behind Pixar, The ‘Elon Musk’ biography was great to read and ‘Hooked’ is a MUST read if you are building a tech product.

Epigamia Mango Yogurt

Okay, Im obsessed with this stuff. I can’t be left alone with it. Now, they even have the ones which come with a little plastic cup containing muesli on top and honestly I can live off it on each meal. If you are still having Nestle flavoured yogurt, please get these. They are amazeeee.

Sugarless Coffee

I would never have thought that I would enjoy coffee without sugar , because Im the kind of person who likes their coffee super strong but also super sweet. I went off sugar in my drinks in 2017 and now I can’t have coffee with sugar . It isn’t a compromise anymore, its a choice !

Jo Malone Candles

SOmeone gifted these to me (no..not PR :p) and I think I got spoilt silly with them. Now, when my home doesn’t have the luxurious smell of these around, I feel kinda empty.


Japanese Ramen Noodles

I could live in a giant soupy noodle bowl- thats how much I love noodle soups, I discovered Japanese Ramen this year on my trips abroad and Im now obsessed. I had these at Momofuku ramen bar in New York, but thats just me pretending to be fancy- you can get them at any good japanese restaurants. Though I will admit, I haven’t found a really good one in Delhi.

My Cutesy Bag From Vendula London

Found literally the cutest freaking bag on my trip abroad (see here ) . Definitely one of my favourite things of 2017.

I just realised, recapping on all the things I loved made me feel so greatful, and amazing about the year that’s been. This might become a yearly tradition !

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