When you have dry skin , the term “Winter is coming” is just as ominous as it sounds in Game of Thrones. No matter what you do, you feel like this wierd scaly, dehydrated reptilian creature whose skin just looks dull and sallow. Fortunately though, I found some essentials to stock up on.

(1) Venusia Max Body cream

Venusia Max is P&B approved. Super hydrating and ideal for girls with extremely dry skin. Its also easily available at any local Chemist / Pharmacy. Rub it all over your arms and legs- and Im telling you it is the ONE thing that keeps limbs hydrated (otherwise the other creams just tend to hydrate for a few hours and then dissapear). My legs- they literally look like scales in winters and this is the only thing hydrating them.

(2) Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Bride Everyday

Love, love, love the chocolatey fragrance of this one. Definitely a must buy for the cold and dry months. It does what a good body moisturizer should and is easily available online on Nykaa. It isn’t as nice as the Venusia max but its nice enough.

(3) Burt’s Bees Lip balm


Another casualty of winter – Lips ! And while the regular Maybelline Baby Lips does work, the holiday season with under the mistletoe action needs something a bit more. The Burt’s Bees range is natural and hydrating. A little hard to find though, its only available at Sephora in India.

(4) L’Occitane hand cream

The Notice

Another P&B favourite. L’occitane has some amazing lip balms and hand creams. Luxurious packaging and products that are worth every penny. And did I mention they’re now available on Nykaa ?

(5) Kama Ayurveda Sweet Almond Oil


I like using Almond oil from time to time because of its Vitamin E content. While Vitamin E hasn’t shown any medical results in terms of anti ageing , it is definitely super hydrating. I like to apply the almond oil in my night time routine like serum- moisturiser- almond oil.

What’s your skin saviour this winter ?

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