Ok I know..just the word acid isn’t something you want to bring even close to your skin right? Well..wrong. The whole of last year as you know, Iv been overhauling my skincare routine (its the thirties baby) , and one word I kept coming across was acid toning, and when I finally incorporated the same I felt like a baby with fresh new skin! I;ve said it before- that I think my skin in my thirties is actually better than the previous decade and I think it’s cos Im finally paying some much needed attention to it.

What is Acid Toning?

Okay, so you know how you used physical scrubs as exfoliators to remove dead skin cells ? Well , those are slowly giving way to ‘acid toners’ or products which have glycolic acid, or lactic acid or AHA…which exfoliate the skin not just at the surface but at a deeper level. So you get fresh new skin that looks like Beyonce when you look in the mirror (Well, I just looked like myself but there’s hope right). In general , what people do is – cleanse- double cleanse- acid tone- moisturise

Who needs it & how often?

I know there are a TON of daily use acid toning products out there but personally I don’t use acid toners more than say once or twice a week. I also think if you are younger , physical scrubs work just fine for you. For older people, like moi…..you need something stronger than just a scrub which just is a surface thing.

Another point to note- if you have sensitive skin and haven’t use acid products in the past- start slow and then build it up. If you suddenly start using it very frequently you can break out.

What does it do?

For me, Iv noticed acid toning really really deep cleans and as a result my skin just absorbs the moisturiser better and in turn it makes me glow way more than any silly face mask does. Speaking of face masks, using them after acid toning makes a huge difference as well.

I usually use these at night because acid toning makes your skin slightly more photosensitive so you have to wear sunscreen with these.

What I have used..

Dr. Dennis Gross AHA Pads

My favourite of everything I have used is the Dr Dennis Gross daily use AHA peel pads. They say daily use but i use them just twice a week. Basically its this moist pad which you rub all over your face- they tingle just a bit but the results are SO freaking good. My skin glows with regular use of these. Some of you guys who use these daily have complained of them breaking you out- but like I said I dont recommend you use them daily ! You can buy these from cultbeauty


Pixi Glow Tonic

If you want to get started on acid toning without spending a ton of cash on it, then the Pixi Glow tonic is absolutely great. Its affordable, does the job and is mild to start with . These are available on Amazon India

Huxley Secret of Sahara Extract It Toner

This is a K beauty product which I started to use and this one is great too. It’s alcohol free and freshens your skin while still being gentle but extremely powerful. You can buy this from First Skin Instagram Shop which is a k beauty store in India

Other products  I haven’t used but are supposed to be amaze

Alpha H Liquid Gold with Glycolic Acid: Some insane reviews online

Sunday Riley Lactic Acid: The beauty world is going cray-cray over this one. Supposed to be almost magical.

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