Glow – that elusive thing  that you only see on pregnant women and brides. (I guess happyness does have something to do with it then). But in the middle of work, stress, deadlines and the like that glow kind of gets lost and I rely on some products that help me give that mega watt shine. It’s also one of my most asked questions on Instagram- what makes your skin glow. Well a couple of different things…

GlamGlow Super Mud

Issy Belle Fox

If you haven’t used any Glamglow products yet, pick this one and skip the rest. This clay masque isn’t overly drying and is very effective in clearing out the skin. It leaves a glowing and squeaky clean face after use. You can buy it online for Rs.1600 / 15 g. I also like the Glamglow volcanic overnight use treatment.

Frequency of use: Usually before a big event

AHA Peel Pads

Dr.Dennis Gross AHA Pads are acid toners which exfoliate the skin more efficiently than physical scrubs. Essentially they are moist pads that you apply in circular motions and voila, beautiful glowing skin ! Pro tip – Using these daily can cause breakouts. Twice a week should do the trick. I get them on cultbeauty , but I swear by them totally !!!

Frequency of use: Once or max twice a week

Wet n Wild Precious Petals Highlighter

I absolutely LOVE LOVE this highlighter. Its finely milled, super gorgeous and adds the most beautiful sheen and sparkle to my face. It may not be a natural way to glow, but hey who cares as long as my cheeks look sunkissed even in the middle of the night.

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Scrub


This scrub with saffron and cardamom retails for Rs.1195 / 50 g. Its not as harsh as other exfoliators in the market and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. Does exactly what it claims and awarded Best Exfoliating product by Vogue. Need any more reasons to try it ?

Frequency of use: Once a week

Indulgeo Rose Gold Oil

A dupe of the Tatcha oil, this one contains gold flakes, rosehip seed oil and a bunch of other gorgeous oils.

Other products I’ve heard a lot about :

Tatcha Gold Camellia beauty oil

Dazzle n Sparkle

This Japanese beauty oil has 23 karat gold flakes ! Very popular in the beauty circuit because of its non-greasy, paraben free formula. It can be applied on the face, hair or body. It soothes, it nourishes and reduces dullness; so when you wake up the next morning, you’re literally glowing. (Price $ 95 on Sephora)

Pixi Glow Peel Pads

Zoe’s Beauty Blog

It contains 20% glycolic acid which acts as an exfoliator. These come in moist pad form and have to be applied at night followed up with sunscreen during the day. The result ? Brighter looking skin. (Price 24 pounds on CultBeauty)

Which products do you swear by ? Tell me !

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