At the end of each review, you will see a grade given to the product (think of it like your exam mark sheet!). This is what those grades mean. Additionally, under each grade there is a rating on different aspects out of five.

A+ or 5/5: One of a kind product,go buy it now! This grade is rare, but when you do see it, it means i absolutely whole heartedly recommend !

A or 4.5/5: Excellent Product! Very highly recommended.

A- or 4/5: Very Good Product , perhaps one small aspect of it kept it from being an A

B+ or 3.5/5 : Good Product, it delivers what it promises

B  or 3/5 :Average Product

B- or 2.5/5:Below Average

C or 2/5 :The cons far outweight the pro’s

D or 1/5: Terrible, Better Avoided

Generally, anything rated  B+ and above is worth looking into !

How are products rated and reviewed?

Most products are rated on Pigmentation(or coverage for foundations), Texture, Longevity , Product , Price vs Value and Packaging.

The first 4 aspects each contribute 5 points to the overall score, while the last two together combined contribute 5 points (those are slightly lesser important aspects). While Pigmentation, Texture, Longevity are self explanatory, Product is a field created to take care of things that are not covered such as “How unique is the shade”, “Does the product do what it claims to do”, or “My general feel of the product”. Guest reviewers on my blog do not follow the same formula but have been told general guidelines on what to expect while rating.

Comment Policy

Peaches & Blush is a discussion friendly blog, so go ahead and give me your bouqets and brickbats. As long as you keep it clean and healthy, everything is fair game!!!

PR Policy and Product Review Requests

From time to time, PR agencies send me products to be reviewed on the blog. None of these reviews are ‘paid for’ reviews, and each of them holds the true opinion of the reviewer. It doesnt matter whether products are begged, borrowed, stolen or gifted by PR , the review will always be honest. Frankly, this blog would not be functioning had reviews not been honest in the past.


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