The P & B Personal Bridal Shopping Service in Delhi

Whether you are an NRI getting married and want the bridal trousseau of your dream, or someone in India but no clue where to start your bridal lehenga hunt from,  or someone who is just sick of seeing overpriced bridal outfits everywhere, or someone who has no plans of getting married anytime soon but WANTS that gorgeous saree you saw somewhere :  rest assured -the P& B Bridal Shopping Service in Delhi ensures that we put the bride back into ‘Bride Zilla’, while you can relax , and lay back!

What we do

  • Help you own your dream Bridal trousseau / dream outfit  by scouting and shortlisting a range of outfits that fit your budget and taste from varying boutiques across Delhi.  This is not restricted to Brides, but to ANYONE who wants to buy indian wear from New Delhi.
  • If you are not visiting India, but still want a gorgeous bridal  lehenga / outfit from here, we help you choose one after careful planning, discussions, consultations, photographs  and scouting and ship it to anywhere you live! Its THAT simple.
  • If you are visiting India- we do a personalized bridal shopping service, where we carefully plan and take you to only the best boutiques, designers or stores which fit your budget and style requirements. We understand you have limited time and want the Best bang for your buck! We also coordinate with the designers to ensure the timely delivery, customisations  and ship your garments back to you incase they are not ready when you are in Delhi.
  • We also give you a binder full of information– from the best place to get blouses, to lesser known but equally awesome designer boutiques, to the best place for jewelled waist belts, to the best place for bridal accessories, shoes, bags- THE WORKS!  This ensures that your shopping trip to Delhi is completely worth while!
  • Tons of other information that you need as a bride, and as a shopper in Delhi

 Items we help you shop for

  • Trousseau outfits for the bride
  • Outfits for the Brides family/ Friends
  • Groom Outfits
  • Bridal Accessories- From the Matha Patti to the Nose Ring to the  Maang Tikka to the Kalira
  • Indian Accessories- Clutches you can carry with Sarees, Shoes that look great with Indian Wear
  • Bangles
  • Real Bridal Jewellery (This cannot be shipped )
  • Artificial Bridal Jewellery
  • Anything else you can think of really!

Why Hire us?

  • Indian Designer outfits  available abroad are usually 3-4 times the price you get in India, with there being TONS of more variety in India. Its MUCH better to get the same outfit here in India and get it shipped to you
  • We have a list of atleast 300 vendors in Delhi, and based on your needs we handpick the ones exclusively for you!
  • While most people in Delhi (including the relatives you have here) only know about a handful of places, we know almost every street, every corner where there is bridal being sold. From the narrow bylanes of old delhi, to the swanky boutiques of south delhi, to the lesser known names in the design hub of Delhi.

Ooh. Personal Shopping- Must be for the ultra rich

  • Nope. Our rates start low!!!! Contact at mehak (at)  to figure out the best package deal for you!
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